Current Students

Postdoctoral Researcher

Zahra Mazaheri
Zahra Mazaheri
    • 2006 – B.Sc. (Imam Khomeini International University) Pure Chemistry
    • 2009 – M.Sc. (Imam Khomeini International University) Organic Chemistry
    • 2015 Ph.D. (Sharif University of Technology) Organic Chemistry
Mohadeseh Doroudian
Mohadeseh Doroudian
    • 2010 – B.Sc. (Khajehnasir University) Pure Chemistry
    • 2012 – M.Sc. (Sharif University of Technology) Organic Chemistry
    • 2016 Ph.D. (Sharif University of Technology) Organic Chemistry











Ph.D. Degree

Anahita Motamedi
Anahita Motamedi
  • Field of research: Catalysts
  • 2008 – B.Sc. (Esfehan University) Applied Chemistry
  • 2013 – M.Sc. (Shahid Beheshti University) Organic Chemistry
Zahra Habibi
Zahra Habibi
  • Field of research: Catalysts
  • 2012 – B.Sc. (Khajehnasir University) Applied Chemistry
  • 2014 – M.Sc. (Shahid Beheshti University) Organic Chemistry

Mohammad Kouhestanian
Mohammad Kouhestanian
  • Field of research: RAFT polymerization
  • 2012 – B.Sc. (Payame Noor University) Applied Chemistry
  • 2014 – M.Sc. Iran Polymer and Petrochemical Institute) Polymer Chemistry

Zahra Habibi
Shadi Asgari
  • Field of research: Self healing polymers
  • 2013 – B.Sc. (Isfahan University of technology) Applied Chemistry
  • 2016 – M.Sc. (Isfahan University) Polymer Chemistry

Mohammad Kouhestanian
Behzad Pourbadiei
  • Field of research: Smart polymers
  • 2012 – B.Sc. (Maragheh University) Applied Chemistry
  • 2016 – M.Sc. (Sharif university of technology) Organic Chemistry

M.S. Degree

Lida Dastanpour
Shima Taheri
  • Field of research: smart nano composite
  • 2012 – B.Sc. Maragheh University Applied Chemistry
Lida Dastanpour
Hamed Abdolmaleki
  • Field of research: Drug delivery systems
  • 2012 – B.Sc. Sharif university of technology

Graduated Students

Ph.D. Degree

  1. Bibi Fatemeh Mirjalili, "Synthesis of acetals in aqueous media under microwave irradiation and synthesis of spiro acetal norbornene polymethacrylates"(Graduated in 2001).
  2. Gholam Bagheri Marandi, "Synthesis of terminal alkynes, conjugated enynes and fluorescent 1,8-naphtalimides on the alumina surface"(Graduated in 2002).
  3. Mohammad Jalal Zohurian-Mehr, "Polysaccharide modification via graft copolymerization"( Graduated in 2003).
  4. Mohammad Sadeghi, "Synthesis and characterization of superabsorbent hydrogels on base of gelatin" (Graduated in 2005).
  5. Gholamreza Mahdavinia, "Preparation of smart superabsorbent based on chitosan and investigation of their swelling behavior in various media" (Graduated in 2006).
  6. Hossein Hosseinzadeh, "Natural-based superabsorbent composite hydrogels: Synthesis, characterization and swelling behavior". (Graduated in 2007).
  7. Hossein Ghassemzadeh, "Synthesis and swelling behavior study of smart polysaccharide-base superabsorbent hydrogels"(Graduated in 2007).
  8. Ghassem Rezanejad, "a) Investigatio on some solid supported (CuSO4 , KF/Al2O3,?)organic reations (Protection, Michel addition, Sulfoxide-elimination, γ-pyrone synthesis,with or without microwave assistance. b) Polysaccharide modification via graft copolymerization under γ-irradiation" (Graduated in 2007).
  9. Shahram Barzegar, "In vitro investigation of water soluble drugs release from pH-sensitive hydrogel" (Graduated in 2009).
  10. Mehran Kurdtabar, "Hydrolyzed protein-based superporous hydrogels: Synthesis and characterization" (Graduated in 2009).
  11. Hamid Salimi, "Synthesis and optimization of novel collagen-based biodegradable superabsorbent" (Graduated in 2009).
  12. Farzad Seydi Ghalehgah, "Chemical modification of cellulose and starch via two methods: synthesis of their water soluble derivatives & preparation of their superabsorbent hydrogels and Synthesis of polymers with fine structures and design functional groups by ATRP method" (Graduated in 2011).
  13. Rouhollah Soleyman, "Biopolymers Mediated Green Synthesis of Silver Nanoparticles with Definite Shape and Their Biomedical Activity Investigatione" (Graduated in 2012).
  14. Mehdi Akhlaghi, "Preparation and evaluation of nanopolysaccharides- & polysaccharides-anticancer drugs conjugates" (Graduated in 2012).
  15. Azadeh Bashari, "Synthesis of stimuli-responsive nano-hydrogels for finishing of cotton textiles"(Graduated in 2013).
  16. Morasa Samadi, "Synthesis and Charactrization of ZnO composite nanofiber by electrospining and using as photocatalysts" (Graduated in 2013).
  17. Seyed Mahmood Fakoorpoor, "Synthesis and application of superabsorbent nanocomposites for optimized performance in cement based materials" (Graduated in 2013).
  18. Seyed Hassan Hosseini, "Desgin and applications of magnetic nanocatalysts coated by poly(ionic liquids)", (Graduated in 2014).
  19. Malihe Doulabi, "Synthesis of organic solvent absorbent crosslinked polymers based on carbon nanotubes and hydrophobic monomer", (Graduated in 2014).
  20. Zahra Mazaheri Tehrani, "Design of drug nanocarriers based on mesoporous silica nanoparticles coated with smart polymers", (Graduated in 2015).
  21. Azar Abedin Moghanaki, "Design and synthesis of functionalized magnetic nanocomposites for removal of dye and heavy metal ions pollutants from water and theoretical study of their selectivity", (Graduated in 2016).
  22. Mojtaba Nazari, "Synthesis of graphene oxide-based polymer nanocomposites and investigation of their ability in dye adsorption", (Graduated in 2016).
  23. Mohadeseh Doroudian, "Preparation of conductive and semi-conductive nanocomposites based on biocompatible polymers and investigation of their conductive, mechanical and electrochemical properties", (Graduated in 2017).

M.S. Degree

  1. Mohammad Jalal Zohurian-Mehr, "Synthesis and characterization of linear aliphatic unsaturated polyesters based on cis-2-butene-1,4-diol" (Graduated in 1990).
  2. Ahad Ghatei, "Synthesis, characterization and investigation of the curing of unsaturated polyesters based on cis-2-butene-1,4-diol and acyl chlorides" (Graduated in 1994).
  3. Nasrin Rezaei, "Synthesis and characterization of hydroxyl-terminated and unsaturated polyesters based on cis-2-butene-1,4-diol" (Graduated in 1995).
  4. Hojjatollah Salehi Mobarake, Synthesis and investigation of silicon oils(Graduated in 1980).
  5. Naser Esmaeili, "Synthesis of phosphorous derivative of polyacrylic acid and investigation of its applicable properties" (Graduated in 1997).
  6. Esmaeili Darvishi, "Study of the role of mixed ionic and nonionic emulsifier on the semi-continuous emulsion polymerization of vinyl acetate" (Graduated in 1996).
  7. Mojgan Zandi, "Preparation of microcapsules containing perphenazine and polymeric drugs based on acryloyl chloride and investigation of its controlled release" (Graduated in 1996).
  8. Mohammad Reza Zamanlu, "Synthesis and characterization of polyamides based on 2,5-bis(4-aminophenyl)-3,4-diphenyl thiophen" (Graduated in 1997).
  9. Hossein khorasani, "Preparation of suitable coating from the mixture of epoxy resin with bitumen and coal tar pitch" (Graduated in 1995).
  10. Hossein behniafar, "Synthesis of polyamides based on aliphatic dinitriles and investigation of its structure on the polyamide properties" (Graduated in 1998).
  11. Fatemeh Zonouzi Khayyat, "Microwave-induced nucleophilic substitution reaction: synthesis of benzyl benzoate derivatives" (Graduated in 2000).
  12. Bahman Soleymanzadeh, "Investigation of free-based Cannizzaro reaction on neutral g-alumina under microwave irradiation "(Graduated in 2000).
  13. Mehran Kurdtabar, "Synthesis and characterization of resulted polyesters from 2-substituted-1,3-propanediols"(Graduated in 2000).
  14. Gholamraze Mahdavinia, "Extraction of chitin from shrimp`s exoskeleton and conversion to chitosan and modification of its physico-chemical properties" (Graduated in 2001).
  15. Mohammad Sadeghi, "Grafting of acrylonitrile monomer onto carboxy methyl cellulose and modification of its chemical and physical properties" (Graduated in 2001).
  16. Iraj Sarvi, "Synthesis of ion exchanger resins from bagasse and investigation of its metal adsorption" (Graduated in 2002).
  17. Mehdi Salehi-Rad, "Synthesis of ion exchanger resins from carboxy methyl cellulose and investigation of itmetal ion adsorption" (Graduated in 2002).
  18. Hossein Hosseinzah, "Synthesis of superabsorbent hydrogels based on kappa-carrageenan" (Graduated in 2003).
  19. Seyyedeh Nadereh Ghassempouri, "Optimization of conditions of acrylonitrile grafting onto CMC in order to preparation of pH-sensitive superabsorbent hydrogel" (Graduated in 2003).
  20. Aryou Pouraghabarar Shouraki, "Modification of carboxy methyl cellulose by graft copolymerization of methacrylonitrile onto it" (Graduated in 2004).
  21. Ahmad Massan Harzandi, "Graft copolymerization of acrylic acid and mathacrylic acid onto kappa-carrageenan and investigation of physico-chemical properties of related hydrogels" (Graduated in 2004).
  22. Shahram Barzegar, "a) Graft copolymerization of methacrylonitrile onto chitosan and investigation of its physico-chemical properties. b) Synthesis of full polysaccharide hydrogel based on sodium alginate and carboxymethylcellulose and investigation of its physico-chemical properties" (Graduated in 2004).
  23. Hossein Askary Bozayeh, "Monitoring and optimizing of the returend condensated water as boiler make up water at the Agro_Industry Hakim Farabi boilers".
  24. Mohammad Sadegh Amini-Fazl, "a) Methacrylamide and alginate grafting and study of its properties. b) Optimized synthesis of carrageenan-graft-poly (sodium acrylate) superabsorbent hydrogel using Taguchi method and study of its kinetics, morphology, and absorbance of toxic metals by it. C) Conditions optimization of acrylamide-acrylic acid based industrial polymer flocculants and its application in kaolin industry" (Graduated in 2005).
  25. Farnoush Zeydabadi, "a) Synthesis and characterizations of novel superabsorbent hydrogels based on sodium alginate and k-carrageenan. b) Investigation of delivery of three drug model, soluble, semi soluble, and non-soluble, from two novel superabsorbent polymer based on sodium and alginate and k-carrageenan" (Graduated in 2006).
  26. Mohammad Taghi Savoji, "a) Synthesis and investigation of swelling behavior of carrageenan- polyacrylonitrile as a novel superabsorbent hydrogel. b) Synthesis and optimization of anionic flucculant based on acrylic acid and acrylamide" (Graduated in 2005).
  27. Vagrig Aghajani, "Synthesis of novel full-polysaccharide chitosan-based hydrogels via reductive N-alkylation and investigation of their swelling behaviors" (Graduated in 2006).
  28. Khosro Feyzabadi, "a) Synthesis of a novel CMC-based acrylamide flocculent and investigation of its industrial applications. b) Collagen-g-poly (acrylic acid)/kaolin superabsorbent hydrogel composite: Synthesis, characterization and swelling behavior" (Graduated in 2006).
  29. Farzad Seydi Ghalehgah, "Optimization of novel gelatin-based superabsorbent hydrogels using Taguchi method and investigation of their swelling behavior in various conditions. b) Synthesis and characterizations of novel water soluble aminodeoxychitin Derivatives" (Graduated in 2006).
  30. Morassaa Samadi, "Preparation and investigation of the properties of thermo-sensitive hydrogels" (Graduated in 2007).
  31. Ali Akbar Ebrahimi, "Preparation of novel hydrogels based on starch and acrylic acid / 2-hydroxyethyl methacrylate and investigation of its application in drug delivery systems" (Graduated in 2007).
  32. Rouhollah Soleyman, "Synthesis and investigation of swelling behavior of superabsorbent composite based on salep", (Graduated in 2008).
  33. Zahra basampour, "Synthesis, characterization, and swelling behavior of carrageenan-g-poly(sodium acrylate)/bentonite superabsorbent hydrogel composites", (Graduated in 2008).
  34. Bahareh Farhadpour, "Synthesis and investigation of swelling behavior of superabsorbent composite based on alginate and silicagel", (Graduated in 2008).
  35. Oldouz Ghashghai, "Synthesis of polyacrylamide-chitosan hydrogel in the presence of formaldehyde and investigating its physicochemical properties", (Graduated in 2009).
  36. Malihe Kheyrabadi, "Synthesis and characterization of polyampholytic nanocomposite hydrogels based on sulfobetaine monomer", (Graduated in 2009).
  37. Soufieh Sadat Afjeh, "Preparation of agar- and modified agar-based superabsorbents and investigation of their application in controlled release of potassium nitrate as a ionic fertilizer", (Graduated in 2009).
  38. Navid Nikooseresht, "Synthesis of green catalyst based on starch and its application in knovenagel reaction", (Graduated in 2010).
  39. Behzad Faraji, "Synthesis of Nanoparticle Di Thiosemicarbazone Dialdehyde starch and investigation of Metalic ionic absorbtion in aquas solution with them", (Graduated in 2010).
  40. Alireza Shirazi Amin, "Atom transfer free radical polymerizationof acryl amide in reverse suspension", (Graduated in 2011).
  41. Mojtaba Yazdi, "Synthesis and optimization of superabsorbent based on salep in order to absorb heavy metal", (Graduated in 2011).
  42. Nazila Masoud, "Synthesis of Fe2O3 nanoparticles by gelatin mediator and synthesis of fe2O3/sio2/PCA/Ag-NPs nanostructure drug delivery system", (Graduated in 2011).
  43. Zahra Khorasani, "Synthesis of Fe2O3 nanoparticles by gelatin mediator and synthesis of fe2O3/sio2/PCA/Ag-NPs nanostructure drug delivery system", (Graduated in 2011).
  44. Zahra Sadat Emami, "Synthesis of dextran-MA-Gly-NHNH2 copolymer as a possible biodegradable and pH-senstive carrier for doxorubicin", (Graduated in 2012).
  45. Mohadeseh Doroudian, "Investigation of plasticizing and slump retaining propertis of PEG-based-tri-block copolymers in cementitious systems", (Graduated in 2012).
  46. Mahshid Alizadeh, "Synthesis of Magnetic Fe3o4 Nanoparticle and Coating It with Modified Starch for Targeted Delivery of Doxorubicin Anticancer Drug", (Graduated in 2013).
  47. Tayebeh Shirvani, "Synthesis and charactrization of electrospun N/S doped Zno and investigation of their applications in dye degradation", (Graduated in 2013).
  48. Mohammad Eskandari, "Synthesis of pyrene-based supramolecular nanomaterials and investigation of its cellular toxicity of antitumor and activities", (Graduated in 2013).
  49. Safora Jokar, "Synthesis of Graphene Oxide Coating with Hydrophilic Polymers as Paclitaxel Anticancer Drug Delivery Systems", (Graduated in 2013).
  50. Alireza Shakerpour, "Preparation of graphene oxide magnetic nanoparticles with mesoporous silica layer, coating with pH-sensitive polymer as nanocarrieres of anticancer drugs", (Graduated in 2014).
  51. Negar Mahmoudi, "The effect of protein corona on the release of Doxorubicin from magnetic mesoporous silica and investigation the effect of PEG on drug delivery system", (Graduated in 2014).
  52. Mohammad Nourani, "Preparation of magnetic gels based on modified magnetite nanoparticles for organic solvents absorption", (Graduated in 2014).
  53. Behrouz Shirzadeh Bilehsavar, "Application of magnetic graphene oxide coated by modified carboxymethyl cellulose as a nanoadsorbent for dye removal", (Graduated in 2015).
  54. Niloufar Safaie, "Synthesis of transition metal nanocatalysts immobilized onto the poly(ionic liquid) coated graphene and utilization in organic transformations", (Graduated in 2015).
  55. Hamed Esmaili, "Fabrication of superhydrophobic nanocomposites containing modified silica nanoparticles and silicone polymers and evaluation of their applications", (Graduated in 2015).
  56. Davood Alizadeh Monfared, "Synthesis of magnetic adsorbent nanocomposites based on modified sugarcane bagasse and iron nanoparticle for dye removal from aqueous solutions", (Graduated in 2016).
  57. Behzad Pourbadiei, "Synthesis of modified graphene nanocomposites based on biodegradable polymers and investigation of their mechanical, electrochemical and biological properties", (Graduated in 2016).
  58. Elham Tavakoli, "Synthesis of double network hydrogels based on chitosan, alginate and poly vinyl alcohol with high mechanical properties and investigation of their compatibility", (Graduated in 2016).
  59. Mahshid Yaghoubi, "Loading of Doxorubicin on Stimuli-Responsive Nanocarriers and Investigation of its Release", (Graduated in 2016).